Kris Bryant making a no-brainer no fun

Kris Bryant could make a three-week wait for his services feel like an eon in Wrigleyville. Gregg Forwerck/Getty Images

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Some thoughts that emerged while watching part of Will Ferrell’s traveling baseball show here Thursday:

1. In the inning that Ferrell replaced Mike Trout as the Angels’ center fielder, Cubs superstar prospect Kris Bryant hit a home run off Matt Lindstrom -- but this was not merely a home run. This was a ridiculous shot that seemed to invade Earth’s magnetic field briefly before (perhaps) burning up on its way back down. It was the first of two home runs from Bryant, who hit 43 homers among 78 extra-base hits in 138 games in the minor leagues last season.

He is destined to be the Cubs’ version of Giancarlo Stanton, which is why the team’s fans are already clamoring for the baseball operations department to forgo the strategic manipulation of service time and make sure he is in the Opening Day lineup.

None of the Cubs officials can really discuss this out loud, but here’s what the team’s choice comes down to: Would they trade