SEC changes recruiting in Texas

LSU has long held a bit of a foothold in the fertile recruiting grounds of east Texas -- that's not surprising.

What does come as a bit of a shock is the way the SEC's ever-expanding footprint is changing the nature of recruiting in the nation's largest, most talent-laden state. The success and exposure of teams like LSU and Alabama is catching the attention of top targets in Texas. With the recruiting cycle starting earlier than ever, this is highlighted specifically in the case of Texas' talented crop of 2014 defensive backs.

While Texas has long played by its own rules when recruiting its own territory, that might not be good enough anymore with teams like the Tigers and Crimson Tide identifying talent so early. The addition of Texas A&M to the SEC has allowed recruiters from schools like LSU and Alabama to sell Texas kids (and parents) on the notion of "returning home" twice in their college careers to play at Texas A&M. The addition of wide receives coach Adam Henry - a Beaumont, Texas native - to LSU's staff further solidifies LSU's Lone Star State chops.

HornsNation writer Max Olson has the full scoop here in an ESPN Insider story.