Recruiting mailbag: Dawson, Tunsil

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- It’s time to dip into the GatorNation recruiting mailbag and answer your questions. Because of the amount of questions we’ve received, we won’t be able to get to all of them today -- but we encourage you to post your questions on our Insider fan forum, The Chompions Club.

secrocks2000: With David Dawson decommitting and UF in a good position with him, what happens with Trenton Brown, Ira Denson and Laremy Tunsil? Are the UF coaches looking to take two more OL prospects to go along with the 3 OL prospects already committed?

A: Though Dawson says Alabama and LSU are also in contention, in my opinion the Gators have the best shot of landing the former Michigan commit. Dawson is scheduled to take an official visit to Florida this weekend for the South Carolina game. If that is the case, I would not expect to see FSU commit Ira Denson in UF's class. As for Tunsil and Brown, I believe Florida will take one of the two with Tunsil being the top choice. If the Gators don't feel like they will land Tunsil, look for the Gators to turn up the heat on Brown.

Haggy210: Do you think we end up with more than 25 commits? Do you think we have a legit chance at Adams?

A: With the success Florida is having on the field right now, the Gators could certainly take more than 25 players, but I just don't see it happening. I think at most, Florida will take 25 in this class. I do believe there is a legitimate chance with Montravius Adams. He really enjoyed his unofficial visit to UF for the LSU game. If Adams returns for an official visit, then you will know there is serious interest from the No. 11-ranked player in the country.

pastorddrake: Who is a guy off the radar to watch out for in this class?

A: This is always a tough question because if he's off the radar then no one really knows about him. Last year the Gators signed wide receiver Raphael Andrades, a guy who was relatively unknown, on signing day. If I were to pick a guy who could turn out like Andrades, I would have to say local Gainesville linebacker Keith Kelsey Jr. would be my guess. Kelsey visits Florida for just about every game, and his dad played linebacker for the Gators under Steve Spurrier. If Florida were to lose someone it was expecting to get or if a current commit unexpectedly switches to another school, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Kelsey join the class.

ThomasLinder: What sides are you going to get with that steak dinner?

A: Well Thomas, if you are referring to the friendly bet that Corey Long and I made, it was about Florida defensive tackle commit Caleb Brantley switching his commitment from Florida to another school. For those of you who weren't in our GatorNation recruiting chat a few weeks back, my good friend and colleague Mr. Long bet me a steak dinner that Brantley would switch his commitment to another school by signing day. Though Corey has a valid argument because of some comments Brantley has made since he has been committed to the Gators, Brantley attends most of Florida's home games and is decked out in his Florida gear. A majority of his family is Florida fans and at this point, I would be shocked if he switches to another school -- especially with the success Florida has had this season. For the record, I will take mashed potatoes (hold the gravy; I'm on a diet) for my side item, Corey.

rmoreiro: Who is left on the TE board? Do you think Alex Anzalone might choose to play on the offensive side of the ball at UF?

A: The Florida tight end board is very thin right now. Alabama tight end commits Josh McNeil and O.J. Howard have shown some interest in the Gators. There are some grade concerns with McNeil, and it's still too early to tell just how interested Howard is. Howard has said he might visit Florida for the South Carolina game. If he does, things could start to get more interesting. As of now, though, I don't think the Gators will take a tight end unless something drastic changes. Florida has told Anzalone he can play whatever position he wants to at Florida. Anzalone likes linebacker and that is where he would start off if he were to switch his commitment to the Gators.