Sunday teleconference updates: Grantham

Georgia coach Mark Richt had a family obligation that kept him from participating in his weekly teleconference with the media, so offensive coordinator Mike Bobo and defensive coordinator Todd Grantham pinch-hit for the head coach on Sunday.

Here are some highlights from Grantham's Q&A session:

On how Chase Vasser and Sanders Commings’ return from suspension affects depth chart:

I’ve always had the phrase that an injury creates depth in your team, and since those guys were out, other guys were forced to play and they came in and did a good job for us. And now when you add these guys back in, you’ve actually added a little bit of depth to our team. So we’re going to use both those guys similar to the way we used them last year and definitely get them playing for us this Saturday.

On whether Bacarri Rambo and Alec Ogletree will be available Saturday:

Right now they’re on the depth chart and we’ll just have to see what happens as we move forward.

On outside linebacker Jarvis Jones’ performance against Missouri:

I think it was a special game that with the way the game was going, it was a tight game, it was very competitive and he made some huge plays in the fourth quarter that really allowed us to separate ourselves from them and open up the game. He’s a special guy that works extremely hard in his preparation. He’s really instinctive.

He does a lot of things for us because like I’ve always said, when you have the ability of him, you’ve got to make sure you have some flexibility in moving him around because you want to give the element of you’re not sure where he’s going to be, and I think that can affect a quarterback sometimes because if he knows he’s always on his right or his left, then he can kind of peek there at times. But if he’s not sure where he’s going to be coming from 100 percent, then I think that can affect him, too.

So I think all that’s a tribute to him and our team and really I think that the way he finished the game is a little bit the way we finished it as a team. We kind of emphasized finishing in the fourth quarter and taking charge of that quarter and winning it, and really that’s what we did there. We were able to get a victory on the road.

On cornerback Devin Bowman’s role in the defense:

I think anytime a kid plays and has some snaps, it’s much easier to maybe find a role for him moving forward because you’ve got a better feel for what he can exactly do. I think Devin did fine yesterday. The play that he got beat on, there’s 10 other guys out there and we’re a team and it’s not always on one person. So that’s really what I have to say about that play. But I think that he did a good job. I thought he was really physical yesterday. They tried to go after him a little bit on the back side of trips and he did a really good job of playing physical and rerouting guys and staying on guys and forced a couple of other bad throws that were just incomplete passes, but it was because of the way he played that allowed it to be that way. So I think he improved from Game 1 to Game 2 and I was proud of his performance and the way he came in and helped us win.

On freshman outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins thus far:

He’s really backing up both outside linebacker spots for us. He is very explosive off the ball. He has enough ability for a young guy that he can play multiple positions and he actually is doing that for us. I think he’s a raw, talented guy that’s only going to get better the more he plays, so I think it’s important that we continue to develop and play him because I think he can be a really special guy down the road. He has the right mindset and the right work ethic and he’s going to be a fantastic player for us. … He’s going to be part of the rotation somehow, some way. I think he’s been in there for either Jarvis or Cornelius [Washington], but also I’ve had all three of those guys in there at the same time, also, and we’ve kind of mixed and matched some guys around. So we’re going to continue to do those things to get the best people available out on the field relative to the situation.

On Malcolm Mitchell’s playing both ways moving forward:

I think that he’s a guy that will still continue to play on defense because there is a need for him and what he brings to our defense. I think for the first time out, he did a good job. He’s aggressive. He understood the route concepts of what’s happening. I thought he played better the more he played. I think he’s only going to get better as a corner and I think he’s the kind of guy that can be a very valuable guy to us moving forward on the defensive side of the ball. So we’ll continue to use him and work him in as needed and use his skill set to help us be productive on defense.

On Amarlo Herrera getting all 10 of his tackles in the first half:

No they didn’t do anything. They threw the ball more in the latter part of the deal there because they were having a hard time running it. We actually went to a dime package because of that and we actually played all of our DBs in the game at the same time. By doing that, Amarlo wasn’t on the field. Amarlo played really good. I think he’s made tremendous strides the first two ballgames and if he continues to do those things, he’s going to be a definite asset for us this year.

On John Jenkins and Washington’s injuries Saturday:

We’ll have to wait and see tomorrow. I haven’t gotten an injury update yet on how they do tomorrow.

On how getting Commings back affects rotation in secondary:

Sanders is a guy who last year he played corner and he played safety for us. And … we’re going to make sure he can play either one of those positions. So as we get ready for this game, we’ll make sure he can play either one of those to help us when needed.