Leonard Floyd expected to arrive in July

On Monday, most of the signing class of 2012 reported to campus to begin summer school and start offseason workouts in the Georgia weight room. Two players have not reported yet: defensive lineman John Atkins and outside linebacker Leonard Floyd. Atkins will be taking his SAT again Saturday and Floyd is finishing up a summer class.

Floyd’s high school coach, Ricky Collins, says that Georgia fans won’t have to wait long to see Floyd in Athens.

“He is taking a summer class he needed, and as far as I know everything is a go,” Collins said. “He is passing that with no problem. He should be going up to Georgia sometime in July.”

Floyd apparently was short one core class credit.

“I am not sure what he scored on the SAT,” Collins said. “He must have scored pretty good, but all I know is he had to take one of those core classes -- some sort of class that he didn’t take before that he needed --and that would be it. He will be good to go. He is passing that with no problem right now.”

Collins says that Floyd not only is passing the class, but doing quite well.

“He should be done with that class next week,” Collins said. “He has an A average in that class so far. Or a high B. So it should be no problem. I talked to Coach [Scott] Lakatos a couple weeks ago and they expect him in July.”