Mark Richt discusses UGA scrimmage

Here are some of Georgia coach Mark Richt's comments following Wednesday's team scrimmage at Sanford Stadium:

On overall impression of scrimmage:

I saw some good things. There were some good things about it. But I saw a lot of bad things. I saw three picks, just bad interceptions, bad throws. One where Corey [Moore] made a great play. I’ll give him that. Every time the quarterback got touched, they fumbled the ball. They’re not supposed to get tackled, but sometimes they’ll get touched. Every time they got hit a little bit or touched a little bit, they fumbled the ball. I wasn’t too happy about that.

Our No. 2 offense drove the field on our No. 1 defense and scored a touchdown. That was [Blake] Tibbs’ touchdown. I think it was from Hutson [Mason]. Brandon Harton broke a tackle in the backfield and went for a big first down to spark the drive. I didn’t like that much.

The No. 1 offense started out great and after the No. 2 offense scored, it must have inspired the No. 2 defense because the No. 2 defense stoned the No. 1 offense for the next three drives and a one-minute drive. The No. 1 defense got scored on on the goal line. I didn’t like that. The offense scored one out of two from the 2-yard line and the 1-yard line. That wasn’t that impressive.

But there were some nice plays made. I thought the running backs ran well. But like I told the team, I thought we looked like a pretty good team. But pretty good is about 8-4. I think that’s pretty good. Maybe 9-3 if you’re lucky. But we’d like to do better than 8-4. That’s about how we played today. It wasn’t just awful, but was it great? No, it wasn’t great. Was it a great effort every play? No. Was it a great effort a lot of the time? Yeah. Was every guy busting his tail every play? No. I don’t know. I didn’t see a team that was ready to be great, I saw a team that was still pretty good. So I just wasn’t that thrilled about it. I might feel better watching film.

Did they come out OK injury-wise?

Yeah. Nothing earth-shattering. Usually you find out the next day if somebody’s going to miss practice, but I don’t think anybody will miss practice for whatever little things they had. A guy might show up in a green jersey tomorrow and still practice, but I saw nothing that would keep a guy out from practicing.

On Todd Gurley’s scrimmage:

He had good space. He had a big run. I forgot what situation it was, but he had one that broke out. I think it was a short-yardage run that broke big. A lot of times that will happen. You either stone them in the backfield or if a guy makes one guy miss, there’s not much behind him because everybody’s on the line of scrimmage. He had a 66-yard run. He averaged 12.4 yards a carry, but so did Keith Marshall -- 5-for-62 is 12.4 yards per carry and he did have one long run as well, a 52-yarder. But when you’re a good rushing team, you’re going to break a big run. That’s what you [want]. If a guy has a 5.5-yard average, he’s probably got a bunch of 2-yard runs in there and there’s a couple that he popped big. So it was nice to see that for the offense, not the defense. But yes, he’s done well and I’m impressed with him. I was impressed with the running backs today. I thought they ran well today. Ken ran well. He had 7 yards a carry and Richard had 6.7 yards a carry. Harton had 4.4 and I don’t think Harton had one carry with the No. 1 unit. That’s the one that’s kind of scary, but he made some really nice runs.


Gurley 7-87, 2 TD

Marshall 5-62

Samuel 6-40, TD

Malcome 5-35, TD

Harton 7-31

Murray 8-14 158 TD, INT

Mason 8-18 67 TD, INT

LeMay 2-5 35 INT

Conley 4-114 TD

Tibbs 3-32 TD

Rome 2-32

Gurley 2-22

King 2-9

Wooten, Harton, Lynch, Samuel, McGowan, Hicks all had one catch

Morgan made all XP and was 1-1 on field goals (42 yards)

Barber averaged 49.5 yards on two punts

Vasser 6 tackles, 4 TFL, 3 sacks

Williams 4 tx, INT

Rambo 4 tx

Ogletree 4 tx, 2 TFL, 2 sacks

JHC 4 tx, TFL, INT, sack

Drew 4 tx

Swann 3 tx

Jarvis Jones sack

Commings 3 tx, PBU

B Smith, Gilliard, Norman, Moore, Herrera, Wilson, Bowman, Robinson all had two tackles

B Smith had 2 PBU, Gilliard 1 PBU, Moore 1 PBU and a great interception according to Richt (Moore said he read a double move by Bennett and picked off a Murray pass in red zone)

Abry Jones had TFL, J Dawson had one PBU and one TFL, Washington and S Dawson both had PBU