Crimson Countdown: DE Charles Tapper

This summer, ESPN.com is taking a closer look at each scholarship player on the Oklahoma Sooners' roster in our Crimson Countdown series. Each day, we analyze each player’s impact on the program since arriving on campus, his potential impact this fall and his long-term projection. Starting with No. 1 Dominique Alexander, the series follows the roster numerically through No. 98 Chuka Ndulue.

No. 91 Charles Tapper, defensive end, 6-foot-4, 281 pounds, junior

Impact thus far: Tapper had a breakout season as a sophomore, earning All-Big 12 honors while starting 12 of 13 games. He had 49 tackles including nine tackles for loss and 5.5 sacks in 2013. As a true freshman he played in five games and recorded two tackles in 2012.

Impact in 2014: If Tapper makes another jump as a junior he could find himself in the fight for All-American honors. He has all the physical skills to dominate a game yet still has plenty of room to grow as a guy who didn’t start playing football until midway though high school.

Long term upside: All-American honors and individual awards are in play for Tapper during his career, if he continues his development.

Evaluation grade for Tapper: A. The Baltimore, Maryland native is a former basketball player who intrigued the Sooners, particularly Bobby Jack Wright, with his raw talent and OU didn’t hesitate to offer him a scholarship despite his inexperience on the gridiron. He’s been everything they could have asked for and more. Tapper is easily the best evaluation on the roster.

Development grade for Tapper: B. Normally the Sooners would get a D or lower for playing a true freshman in just five games and essentially wasting a year. But it’s highly unlikely Tapper will be in Norman, Oklahoma for five years anyway as he seems destined to play on Sundays in the future. Thus, getting five games as a true freshman and having him prepare with the first team probably helped him breakout as a sophomore. And, although he probably could have played more in 2012, five games as a true freshman is better than nothing.