Polling PSU: Who's next to break out?

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- Every season, someone new steps up to have a breakout season. But which Penn State player is poised to do so in 2013?

We recently polled eight players to get their takes on who's had the best offseason and who seems ready to take their game to the next level. Here's what they had to say:

OG John Urschel: "Of course, Ty Howle would be my favorite answer -- but I'm going to try to think of someone else. ... I'd say Mike Hull has made some big strides, and I think he's ready to be a big-time player in this conference. I mean, you guys have already seen some big things from him, and we know he's a very, very talented football player. And I think you're going to see a breakout year from him."

S Stephen Obeng-Agyapong: "I think Da'Quan Davis. He's one of the guys that really stood out, especially these last couple practices. He's been going really hard at practice and giving these receivers everything they can handle."

TE Jesse James: "The best offseason, hmmm, that's tough. It's hard to say, but Urschel's just been getting so much stronger. He's improved a lot, and he's really taken on a leadership role. So I'd have to say him."

WR Eugene Lewis: "One guy that I definitely see doing well is Akeel Lynch. He goes out there and works hard every day. He's a dog; he's a beast in the weight room. He's doing really well."

MLB Glenn Carson: "I'm really high on Hull right now. He's really put in the extra effort. He's really gone above and beyond, and he's always been a hard worker -- but I feel as though he took it up a notch this offseason. His strength is phenomenal and, for his size, he's one of the strongest on the team -- definitely one of the strongest pound for pound."

DT DaQuan Jones: "Urschel. He's really been working hard this offseason. He's been doing great stuff, and he's just dominated. He does got me on the bench max -- but it's close."

S Malcolm Willis: "Trevor Williams, DaQuan Jones, Jordan Lucas. Those are three guys who have stepped up their game and have gotten a lot better."

WR Allen Robinson: "I would say all our receivers. We've really come a long way as a group, just with those guys improving every day. It's really hard to say that someone's particularly stuck out in the offseason. All our guys really worked their butts off, so that's a really tough question."