Marquise Goodwin takes whirlwind trip

Marquise Goodwin took flight this week.

Oh sure, on the field, he had a 69-yard run for a touchdown and another 55-yard touchdown catch. But he really took flight. Goodwin, an Olympian, went to the White House this week to meet President Barack Obama.

Yes, he tried to show him how to throw the Hook ‘em sign. No, it didn't work.

"He did it like this," Goodwin said displaying a flying thumb instead of one folded over the two middle fingers. "Like he was saying 'I love you (in sign language).'"

Well, he wasn't the only one flashing the "I love you" sign to Goodwin this week. After arriving from Washington D.C., late Friday, Goodwin took flight again against Ole Miss. His 69-yard run that ignited a long-dormant offense no doubt elicited quite a few heart-shaped well wishes from fans, teammates and, here's guessing, an offensive coach or two.

As for the heart shown on the field, that was no problem, he said.

"I think of myself as a machine. I just need a few hours rest and I'm ready to go."

Rest might be just the thing for Goodwin.

"That was perfectly planned to freshen him up," said Texas coach Mack Brown about Goodwin missing practice to go to the White House. "He came back with fresh legs."

And possibly a new fan too.

Gaining confidence

The game had long been over with still a little less than a quarter to play and Texas, never one for rubbing in a win, was trying to take the air out of the ball.

But David Ash was having none of it. The quarterback was in the middle of a career night so when he saw a sliver of opening, he immediately grabbed it.

"That last [touchdown] was a check," Brown said. "We didn't want the deep pass for the 66th point."

Too bad. When Ash hit Goodwin for a 55-yard touchdown, the sophomore had connected on his fourth touchdown pass of the game. Those four touchdowns equal the total number Ash threw all of last year.

"David is a good quarterback when you give him time," guard Mason Walters said.

Kicking game

Nick Jordan continued to struggle in field goals. But now Texas has a new plan.

"He was perfect on extra points then he moves back 10 yards and misses on the field goal," Brown said. "We're just going to tell him [the field goals] are extra points."

They might not have that chance. Anthony Fera could be back for the Oklahoma State game. He was listed as questionable this week but did not travel to Ole Miss.

Jordan has missed 4 of 7 field goals. Three of those misses have been from 40-plus yards.