UW can't sway USC commit Chris Hawkins

Chris Hawkins called Washington’s 17-13 win over Stanford, “probably the best college football game I’ve ever been to so far in my life.”

However, while the 5-foot-11, 159-pound cornerback (Rancho Cucamonga, Calif./Rancho Cucamonga) enjoyed his official visit, he remains “100 percent” committed to USC.

“It was a great environment,” Hawkins said. “It was a great trip. I’m glad I went. I met a couple of the players. The coaches were fun. I liked it. The whole environment of Washington football, they’re just a great team.

“The defense played a heck of a game, stopping Stanford multiple times, holding them under 20 points. It was an all-around experience.”

For any Trojans fans worried about Hawkins wearing a Washington beanie during the Huskies’ win, the senior’s experience wasn’t enough to change his mind on his commitment. But he said he would encourage recruits interested in the Huskies to take a closer look.

“If someone was considering Washington and they asked me, I would tell them, ‘Take your visit up there and see how you like it,’ ” Hawkins said. “It was a fun experience for me. I’m still 100 percent committed to USC, because that’s where I want to go to school at and that’s where I see myself fitting best at, but I would tell the person, ‘Yeah, go for it. It’s a great environment. I think you will really enjoy it.’ ”

During the trip, Hawkins’ host was freshman cornerback Brandon Beaver. Hawkins said he has known Beaver for years and sees similarities between the two defensive backs.

“I look at myself like I could be a player like him, because he’s tall, long, not very muscular, with long arms and long legs,” Hawkins said. “I have the same build as him. He’s a great dude.”