NHL insiders predict each second-round series

Led by Roman Josi, the Predators have an elite group of blueliners, but Alex Pietrangelo and his Blues teammates are nothing to sneeze at, either. Which team do NHL coaches see taking the series? Scott Rovak/NHLI via Getty Images

Round 1 was a treacherous place for NHL playoff predictions. A record number of overtime games shifted the outcome of many of the series teetering on a razor-thin edge. Injuries, like those suffered by the Boston Bruins, made a serious impact. Injuries, like those suffered by the Pittsburgh Penguins, did not.

And maybe you didn’t hear, but lots of people picked the Chicago Blackhawks to win and they didn’t. As it turns out, they were swept.

Before the opening round, we asked a panel of five inside the game to make their picks. Considering the strange first round, the 4-4 record isn’t the worst result in the world, with the Predators, Oilers, Rangers and Senators tripping the panel up.

So we did it again, asking five people inside the game to pick the second-round series, with explanations.

The panel: Three NHL head coaches, one NHL assistant coach and a Western Conference scout

Their picks:

Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Washington Capitals

Predicted winner: