How the Rangers can break the Senators' trap

To beat the Senators, the Rangers will have to solve Ottawa's trap. Here's a three-point plan on how they can do it. Andre Ringuette/NHLI via Getty Images

The Boston Bruins knew what they were getting into when facing the Ottawa Senators in the first round. They said all the right things about trying to solve Ottawa’s trap. They had to be patient. They had to play with pace to prevent the Senators from setting up.

Ultimately, they didn’t pull it off. Not necessarily because they didn’t know what they were up against but because they simply didn’t have the horses. Torey Krug alone would have made a world of difference in that series, though that’s not to short the effort of the Senators.

Ray Ferraro, working with TSN on the television side, has seen Ottawa more than just about anyone, and he’s seen a team loaded with resilience that always finds a way when things look bleak.

“There’s not one thing they’re great at; there’s not one thing they’re terrible at that you can exploit,” he said. “They’re kind of in the mix for everything. Every time I thought they were going to drive left into the wall, they figured their way out.”

Unlike the Bruins, the New York Rangers have the manpower to beat the Senators. What could trip them up is what has tripped up so many opponents before them -- the Senators' trap. Well, and Erik Karlsson, of course. He’s from another planet.

For these purposes though, let’s focus on the trap.