Which teams appear most frequently on no-trade lists?

It should come as no surprise that Edmonton is on a majority of no-trade lists, but can Connor McDavid help change the Oilers' popularity among players? AP Photo/Gary Wiepert

There is a belief among general managers that there will be plenty of good players available this summer via trade as teams scramble to squeeze themselves under a salary cap that isn’t growing at the ideal pace.

Last summer, Dallas took advantage by adding Patrick Sharp in a deal that is turning out to be an absolute steal for GM Jim Nill. It’s not the first time Nill has used that avenue to build his team and it won’t be the last.

In turning the Stars into contenders, he’s made Dallas a destination where veterans (like Jason Spezza) with trade protection are willing to go.

Not every team has that advantage.

For the second consecutive year, we polled 10 agents to get a sense of which teams are most often listed on no-trade clauses by asking them to send in their top three most frequent no-trade teams. For the second consecutive year, two teams were on nearly every ballot, and it’s third place where it got interesting: