Most common no-trade destinations

The Edmonton Oilers are at a disadvantage when it comes to evolving through trade. (Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI/Getty Images

It was a conversation that took place before GM Kevin Cheveldayoff pulled off his monster Evander Kane trade. The debate was whether criticism of Cheveldayoff’s lack of notable NHL trades was warranted.

Of course, it wasn’t. Other general managers hadn’t made any trades of note during the time of Cheveldayoff’s tenure as GM, but that wasn’t the defense this Cheveldayoff supporter took.

Instead, he pointed out something hockey fans might not realize: Winnipeg may be the most commonly listed team on a player’s no-trade clause.

There are three ways to build a team: draft and develop, which is the Jets mode of preference, plus free agency and trades.

But if players don’t want to be traded to Winnipeg, they certainly aren’t picking the Jets as a free-agent destination. It can limit the options of a team trying to improve its roster.

Turns out, this isn’t just a Winnipeg problem.

To discover if this Jets defender was correct, 10 agents were asked to send the three most commonly listed teams when players with no-trade clauses submit their list of banned destinations.