Trade grades: Vanek to the Canadiens

The deal

Canadiens get: F Thomas Vanek, conditional 2014 fifth-round pick

Islanders get: F Sebastian Collberg, conditional 2014 second-round pick (picks exchanged if Canadiens make the playoffs this season)

Montreal Canadiens: A

It was hard to find a general manager excited about Vanek in the days leading up to the deadline, with many questioning his commitment and lack of success in New York and Buffalo. The reason for the suddenly picky critique was the high asking price GMs said they were being asked to pay for Vanek (first-round pick and a high-end prospect), and you can see why they weren’t eager to deal.

But for the price Montreal paid, it’s an absolute steal for the Canadiens, especially considering it could cost them only Collberg if they miss the playoffs.