Capitals' quiet coaching, GM search

Has Ray Shero moved to the top of the Washington Capitals' wish list? Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Now that we've addressed the potential coaching moves in Pittsburgh, a few questions from the Friday mailbag:

Are the Caps really putting off their search because of the Wizards playoff run? Wouldn't that be a terrible way to run a franchise? Or do you think an announcement is soon and it's just been hushed by Uncle Ted and Co.


Washington, D.C.

I believe it’s just been a low-profile process, although Ray Shero’s availability might accelerate things. He has to be considered the favorite at this point. Even if Ted Leonsis is tied up with the Wizards, the Capitals still have Dick Patrick available to handle the interviews right now. With the draft closing in, you can’t just wait until the schedule is perfectly freed up, especially if you want to give your new GM a crack at Barry Trotz. My expectation would be that Patrick has at least done his due diligence with some of the veteran available GMs like Jay Feaster, Mike Gillis and Darcy Regier.