Players weigh in on advanced analytics

NEW YORK - When you get a parade of NHL stars coming through the office, like was the case at the NHL’s annual media event in New York, it’s good business to prepare questions to ask everyone, to get a cross section of the league on trending issues.

Coming off the summer of analytics in the NHL, the advanced stats movement was a hot topic this week in New York. In response, the ESPN.com video crew asked every player to define Corsi. The results make for good video, but as a whole, the advanced stats movement hasn't trickled down from the front office to the players.

Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby was in the majority with his answer, “I know of it, I don't know the definition of it."

A few players were able to answer correctly, most notably Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane and Edmonton Oilers winger Taylor Hall, who gave textbook definitions.