Red Wings won't panic with Howard out

The Red Wings' goal will be tended primarily by Petr Mrazek for the next few weeks. Derek Leung/Getty Images

It was the weekend’s most frightening moment. Detroit Red Wings goaltender Jimmy Howard went facedown against the Washington Capitals on Saturday to make a save and stayed that way. Clearly in pain from overextending, he left the ice on a stretcher.

Watch the video, and the immediate thought is that Detroit’s All-Star goalie will be gone a long time. It’s hard to watch.

That’s why when an MRI on Sunday revealed it was only a slight groin tear, the Red Wings circled back and ordered an ultrasound for Monday. They want to be sure they know what they’re dealing with here.

“Based upon what happened on the ice, based upon Jimmy’s importance to our team, based upon Jimmy’s position that he plays, [Red Wings doctors] decided to do an ultrasound,” Detroit GM Ken Holland said when we chatted Sunday evening.

If the ultrasound confirms what the MRI revealed, Howard’s recovery time may be two to four weeks.