Continued efforts for a team in Seattle

The Mariners and Seahawks may have a new neighbor playing hockey in downtown Seattle. AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Victor Coleman is watching the Seattle Seahawks run through the NFL playoffs a little differently than the rest of us. While we might appreciate the incredible atmosphere Seahawks fans create, he sees potential.

Coleman is the head of a Los Angeles commercial real estate company, and he is also the face of one of the groups still in the running to bring an NHL expansion team to Seattle.

So when he watches Seahawks games, he does it through the lens of a potential NHL owner, with dreams of transferring that passion from CenturyLink Field to an arena downtown.

“That’s what’s exciting,” Coleman said during a Monday phone conversation that also included hedge fund manager Jonathan Glaser, who is joining Coleman in his efforts to bring the NHL to Seattle.

“Have you ever been to a Seahawks game?” Glaser asks. “The crowd is as good as it gets.”

During the December board of governors meeting, the NHL made news by announcing that a potential Las Vegas expansion owner was given the green light to conduct a season-ticket drive in Vegas to get a sense of how large a potential local hockey fan base might be. It’s as close as commissioner Gary Bettman has come to saying expansion is coming to the NHL, but even with this announcement, he urged caution and restraint.

According to a BOG source in that meeting, the league also provided an update to NHL owners on the latest in Seattle expansion.

“They have two or three interested parties,”