Chris Thomas transferring into obscurity

Chris Thomas (Denver, Colo./TBD) is a very talented basketball player -- easily one of the top scorers in the country -- but I question whether he will even play major college basketball.

The No. 13 overall player in the junior class will be transferring to his fourth high school in four years, after opting to leave South Kent midseason this week. At this stage, it would be an upset if he were to become eligible to play as a freshman in 2013. His transcript must be riddled with so many questions one will need Albert Einstein to do the math regarding his core GPA.

Let’s say he miraculously is eligible to play college basketball. Who would want him? A college coach running a top-25 program can’t take a major risk on a player like Thomas. There’s no room on a roster that is solidly constructed for players who can’t conform and be counted on during tough times.

Thomas withdrew from South Kent and that’s sad. He was being coached by a former college coach and played against good competition. Now he’s in the wind. He’s yet another midseason transfer searching for his next soft landing spot. He’ll find one, the kids always do. What they also usually find is another situation that is a short-term fix and willing to ignore the long-term problem.

Thomas needs help and it’s not about coaching either. He needs to be taught life skills and needs someone who he will embrace and listen to, regarding his future. Unfortunately, my guess is there will be far more people willing to capitulate to his every want and desire, offer him up another place to play and an explanation or excuse as to why it hasn’t worked out for him once again.

Adversity is something that fuels success. Learn how to deal with it and you’ve got a life experience that will shape and mold you forever. Ignore it and you’re likely to travel down the path of least resistance that is more of a continuous circle than a road with a finish line.

Thomas doesn’t need to play right now; he needs to get a handle on the present before he can move forward.