Telep's Top 10: Under-the-radar seasons

The big boys -- the country’s elite players -- are headline stealers. With a devoted media following and constant updates from dozens of sites, the latest news on twins Andrew and Aaron Harrison, Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker is merely a click away.

For others, you’ve got to do some digging. So for the debut of our new weekly top 10 feature, this list represents a smattering of the more blue-collar prospects so far from the 2012-13 season.

The purpose of this week’s top 10 list is to educate observers on 10 highly regarded players who are having excellent seasons but have managed to duck just below the national radar. Let’s be clear: These are outstanding seasons, but it doesn’t mean you’re about to shoot up the rankings. Crazy as it sounds, every now and then we have a guy evaluated properly, so this isn’t a list of risers.

It’s a list of kids who aren’t named Parker, Harrison or Wiggins but have earned the ink with their play.