Telep's Top 10: 2013 sleeper recruits

History tells us that lurking somewhere at the bottom end of a top-100 prospects list or possibly even outside the list entirely are future college basketball stars. Current college standouts like Trey Burke, Doug McDermott and Seth Curry were all either back-end top-100 prospects or not in the top 100 at all.

In this business, there are few sure things. Players mature both physically and emotionally at different rates. Sometimes players aren’t ready coming out of high school to be saddled with the expectations of a hyped recruit. In fact, that alone may have aided many of them in their progress.

Regardless, we know that stars will emerge from outside the top 50. So this week’s Top 10 list is an attempt to identify those sleepers. That doesn’t mean the following players are all going to be elevated either into the top 100 or inside the top 50, but there’s reason to believe they have a chance to be more than just college starters down the road.

Here’s the criteria: To qualify for this Top 10 list, a player has to be outside ESPN’s top-50 prospects in the 2013 class. I’m not even including post-grad Terry Rozier because he was ranked as a senior last year and at this point his status as a future collegiate star is in good standing and almost public knowledge. With this list we’re trying to pick out a few less-heralded guys and roll the dice. Most of these players you might not see coming.