Cleaning out the notebook

Chris Paul’s AAU team, CP3, is in Los Angeles this weekend for the Nike EYBL competition. To say Paul is involved with his team doesn’t do his commitment justice. He goes to games, gets involved in the kids’ lives and mentors the players. We need more guys like him in AAU.

Paul invited his team to his home in L.A. and planned on taking the players to an L.A. Clippers practice. But according to Paul, the NBA said no dice and told him there would be consequences if he did this.

CP called on Thursday and wasn’t in a good mood. He was disappointed. His point was that he just wanted to give back and help kids and he had a unique opportunity for them to see an NBA practice and see the commitment level of a playoff team.

A lot of NBA players sponsor AAU teams and couldn’t tell you one guy on the roster. CP is the opposite. He’ll call once or twice during the year and ask how his guys are playing in high school. He’ll also check if he needs to call one of them to either set them straight or offer tips.

We need NBA players committed to the next generation of recruits. CP gets it. Too bad the NBA, and in some cases the NCAA, doesn’t. Simply put, guys like Paul are the type we want recruits to have access to.

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