A secret admirer sweet on Cameron Maybin?

DETROIT -- Tigers third baseman Nick Castellanos glanced over his shoulder at the haphazard pile of boxes in the locker next to his and simply offered a bewildered shrug. They didn't belong to him and he didn't have a clue where they came from, either.

A few opened packages revealed the goods waiting for centerfielder Cameron Maybin when he arrived at the ballpark at Comerica Park on Thursday -- dozens of Hostess snack packages. Twinkies, Donettes, Sno Balls, you name it.

Maybin had no explanation. Asked if he had expressed any affinity for the sugar-laden treats, Maybin shook his head. He had no idea who sent them, or why. He was just as perplexed as the rest of his teammates, who were curiously eyeing his haul.

"No one believes me!" he joked.

Second baseman Ian Kinsler poked fun at the lanky 29-year-old outfielder via his official Instagram account, saying "he can't decide if it's Halloween or Easter."

Was it just a secret admirer who thought he might need to indulge his sweet tooth? A concerned fan who felt he may need to beef up? Or was there something more sinister at play, as some Tigers fans on Twitter playfully suggested?

Either way, Maybin was determined to turn the curious caper into something positive. He said he would be donating the items to a local homeless shelter in Southwest Detroit -- the New Day Multipurpose Community Center -- along with any leftover food from the post-game clubhouse spread.

'I can't eat those," he said, though he admitted it had nothing to do with any potential weight gain (which is notoriously tough for the Asheville, NC native). "My stomach will hurt."