Can fantasy owners rely on Jaguars, Eagles, Chiefs in Week 17?

How much will Blake Bortles, Leonard Fournette and other key Jaguars players be in the game in Week 17? Reinhold Matay/USA TODAY Sports

Some will say it’s lunacy for any fantasy football championship to be decided after Week 16, since the very final week of the regular season really isn’t like all the others. Not only have most playoff spots been secured, but several seeds are set and teams aren’t so eager to risk injury with their better players, so guessing playing time can be perilous. For some coaches there’s no reason to tempt fate, though some will. The Week 17 rankings always look a bit strange when backup or unproven quarterbacks rank ahead of the likes of Tom Brady and other stars, but hey, if we’re predicting playing time and statistics, we do what we’ve gotta do to prepare the masses.