Camp Tour: Will Ruggiano bounce back?

MESA, Ariz.--– Last March, I spoke, blogged, tweeted and communicated in pretty much any way I could how much then-Miami Marlins outfielder Justin Ruggiano belonged on the fantasy radar for his ability to provide valuable and cost-efficient home runs and stolen bases, even if he wasn't exactly on track for a batting title. Ruggiano had hit .313 in 2012, and his power/speed projections were more than ample even in limited duty for fantasy owners. The bottom line was that Ruggiano was legit.

Then Ruggiano hit a frustrating .222 last season and got traded over the winter to the Chicago Cubs for fellow journeyman Brian Bogusevic. What seemed bogus were my reasonable expectations for an older player who seemed to benefit from a .401 BABIP.

So of course I had to again speak with the easy-to-root-for Ruggiano, just as I did last March , to get his take on his 2013 season and future expectations.