NBA Rumor Central: Why Leonsis backs Grunfeld

Ned Dishman/NBAE/Getty Images

On Wednesday, the Washington Wizards held a press conference to formally welcome Scott Brooks as their new head coach. During the Q&A with reporters, owner Ted Leonsis was asked if he had considered firing president Ernie Grunfeld after the team missed the playoffs.

“Not really,” Leonsis told The Washington Post.

“Because we were executing to the plan,” Leonsis continued. “If we had varied from the plan and the plan didn’t work, then I think it would’ve been in my realm of responsibility to take a look. But we were executing a plan that we agreed to when I bought the team five years ago."

Grunfeld's contract expires after next season and if the Wizards miss out on the playoffs in 2017, Leonsis could decide it's best to bring in someone else to run basketball operations.

"The big decision on this one was the trade we made this year when we traded a pick for Markieff Morris. I looked at that one really hard. Was that one on strategy or off strategy? Who did we get for Marcin Gortat. Would I trade Gortat for Tyler Ennis? The answer is yes," Leonsis said. "It’s interesting in the exit interviews how the team really liked, admired, wanted to play with Morris."