Wojo's plan to 'sustain' Marquette

Steve Wojciechowski was an assistant under Duke's Mike Krzyzewski for 15 seasons. AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps

It doesn’t matter the job. When a newly hired coach walks into his office, it is empty. Everything is cleared out but the furniture. In a very real way, every coach is starting over and building anew. Almost without exception, any new coach talks about building an improved "culture." It's almost clich√©, and it typically implies there was a culture that didn’t exist before and should now, or that the previous culture was deficient in some way.

That's not the case with new Marquette coach Steve Wojciechowski. It’s true that he walked into a bare office and starts anew. It is also true that he walked onto a campus in transition, with a new school president and no athletic director in place, but Wojciechowski was not denigrating the culture that existed before his arrival. He believes it's his job to steady the program and provide stability in a broader sense, but he's not getting grandiose with talk of a new aura around the program.

“Marquette has great tradition and is committed to winning,” Wojciechowski told me.