USA role doesn't give Coach K recruit edge

Does having access to NBA players via his Team USA role give Coach K a recruiting edge? Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images

Yahoo! NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski’s recent opinion piece on USA Basketball and Mike Krzyzewski caused more than a few people to get their undies in a bunch. Part of it was that Wojnarowski is such a great NBA reporter. And part of it was that it was the only negative article on USA Basketball and Coach K after the Americans won their fourth consecutive FIBA major title, an unprecedented feat.

But the biggest part was that Krzyzewski directly responded to the article in a news conference. That’s when most people without a Duke connection got hot and bothered.

I read the article (I read most everything Wojnarowski writes) and respectfully disagreed with almost every assertion and opinion in it. But although I differed, the article didn’t bother me.