Five high-risk, high-reward NCAA hopefuls

St. John's has been two different teams this season. Anthony Gruppuso/USA TODAY Sports

They are the high-risk, high-reward teams. You know the ones. They scare the daylights out of you in the NCAA tournament because you never quite know what to expect. You wouldn’t be shocked if they lose by double digits in their first game of the tourney, and it wouldn’t surprise you if any of them got through the first weekend and earned a trip to the Sweet 16.

Most of those on the list below (not all) have underachieved as it pertains to their overall talent. Most (not all) will sneak into the field, when they should have coasted.

Many will dismiss their staying power, and some will peg them for a deep run, but when evaluating the teams below, do so with caution.

NC State Wolfpack (18-12, 9-8 ACC)

Current Bracket Standing: No. 9 seed

BPI: 40

KenPom: 41

Good luck trying to figure out the Wolfpack. Not even coach Mark Gottfried has a clue about what this team will do from game to game.