Best and worst college-to-NBA decisions

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The deadline for early entries came and went Sunday night, and the official list should be out Tuesday.

Now that we have a firm idea of who is coming back and who’s leaving, let’s take a look at the decisions that made sense -- including a Pac-12 forward who might have been exposed if he’d stayed -- and those moves we don’t exactly love , including a point guard who may have made the wrong decision by coming back to school.

Good decisions, Part I -- Time was right to leave

Sam Dekker, Wisconsin Badgers

This was a no-brainer, especially after Dekker showed what NBA folks wanted to see, namely whether he had the mental makeup to take over down the stretch. The 6-foot-9 Dekker has the length and athleticism and showed he could make shots from deep under extreme pressure. Most NBA guys feel Dekker will be taken somewhere in the 10-15 range, so he made the easy call to leave after his junior campaign.