Top MLB prospects by position

Catcher Blake Swihart and middle infielder Jose Peraza are top prospects at their respective positions. Icon Sportswire

After today, we will have hit the top MLB prospects from every angle.

We've laid out the top 100 prospects, with profiles, heading into the 2015 season, plus a "just missed" list. We've ranked every farm system, with the Cubs and Twins topping the list. We've ranked the top-10 prospects for all 30 teams, and there are three prospect videos.

Now it's time to rank them by position, adding players to fill out a position's top 10 when it's warranted, and offering up a few sentences on the status/depth of that position right now.


Catcher seems deep in players who can handle the position defensively, in part a reflection of the industry's greater emphasis on catchers who can frame pitches well and steal extra strikes. That said, the attrition rate at the position is always high, due to injuries and nondevelopment. Nine of these 10 prospects are good to great defenders; Kyle Schwarber is the only one likely to move off the position. Kevin Plawecki and Andrew Susac should appear in the majors this year, but the remainder are further away.

First base

First-base prospects have steadily lost value in the industry over the past 5-10 years because their failure rate has turned out to be so high; the offensive standard at first is very high, and it's often the position where teams put players who can hit but can't handle another position.