Top 10 MLB prospects update

Dear Jeff Luhnow, Terry Ryan, Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer, Chris Antonetti and Jon Daniels:

Stop screwing up my top prospects lists.



I posted an updated top 25 prospects list on May 26, and since then, seven of those players have been recalled, including Kyle Schwarber just this week. I'll do a more thorough re-ranking right after the Futures Game, expanding to 50 names, but this is the top 10 I highlighted on Baseball Tonight on Thursday evening, with a few quick notes on each player.

lastname1. Corey Seager, SS/3B
Los Angeles Dodgers
Current level: Triple-A (Oklahoma City)

Seager continues to rake in Triple-A, helped by some recent road trips to hitters' parks, and seems very likely to contribute to the major league club later this summer. He also has had a handful of starts at third base, which could be his eventual position. That gives him the versatility that the Dodgers have already shown they value.