The first-round 'misses' of 2005 MLB draft

Mark J. Rebilas/USA Today Sports

The draft is a time of hope and promise, and after it's all over, a scout sits with his staff and marvels over the players the team just picked. Well, sometimes they don't work out as planned, as is the case for these 16 first-rounders who didn't make the top 30 in my redraft of the 2005 class.

You can see the 2004 "misses" column for comparison. All WAR figures come from the indispensable Baseball-Reference.

Pick No. 3: Jeff Clement, C
WAR to date: -1.2

I never liked Clement's dead-pull swing and approach, and I thought that, at best, you were looking at a Craig Wilson-type defender. That's about what happened, as Clement reached the majors (with the Mariners and later the Pirates) but never came close to replacement level.

Pick No. 8: Wade Townsend, RHP
Never played in majors

Townsend also was the eighth pick the year before, but he was lowballed by the Orioles and chose not to sign.