Scouting Mets, Yankees Double-A prospects

Gavin Cecchini, the Met's 2012 first-round pick, is headed to the Arizona Fall League. Adam Rubin/ESPN.com

On Saturday, the Double-A Binghamton Mets and Trenton Thunder played the shortest pro game I've ever attended in person, a nine-inning, 3-0 affair completed in 1:56, as both starters went the distance.

I missed outfielder Michael Conforto, who was promoted to the majors 36 hours earlier, but I did get my first look this year at shortstop Gavin Cecchini, who has emerged as one of the team's top prospects with a breakout season at the plate.

As a hitter, Cecchini sets up with his hands deep, just below his back shoulder, doesn't load at all, and comes directly at the ball after a toe-tap and short stride, a swing that's fine for contact but is unlikely to produce much if any power in the majors. He has had throwing woes -- he has 24 errors in 87 games, many of them on bad throws -- and nearly had one get away Saturday night on a routine throw in which he had plenty of time but still lobbed one offline to the first baseman. On two other plays when he had less time, his throws were harder and online, one textbook and one in which he didn't release the ball immediately, like he was trying to find the seams while the ball was in his glove. His hands and footwork are both above average, and if the throwing thing isn't a physical problem (like an elbow injury) or something like the yips, he still projects as an above-average defender at short who'll hit for average and a lot of contact, but without power.