Mets give up too much to get Tyler Clippard

The New York Mets are "going for it," if by going for it we mean acquiring fringe pieces and, at least in the deal for Tyler Clippard, now surrendering legitimate top-10 prospects. Sandy Alderson just dubbed Mets fans the "citizens of Panic City," but with this move he has just declared himself mayor.

The issue with acquiring Clippard is less about Clippard, who's a perfectly serviceable set-up man and above-average middle reliever, but about how little of him they've acquired: Two months, or roughly 20 innings for a typical reliever. The difference between Clippard, who posted a 3.89 FIP so far this year and a 2.79 ERA in pitcher-friendly Oakland, and even a replacement-level reliever over the course of 20 innings is about three runs allowed.