Mike Leake a perfect deadline acquisition for Giants

I've said it in a few places, including our own Baseball Tonight podcast, that Mike Leake would be the perfect deadline addition for the Giants, who needed a durable mid-rotation starter and whose approach to pitchers and plus-infield defense (starting with the vacuum known as Brandon Crawford at shortstop) dovetails nicely with Leake's high-contact, worm-killing approach. The Reds did all right here, getting one high-ceiling, high-risk arm, but if anything, I think the market undervalued Leake's skill set, dampening the return when viewed in light of Leake's skills.

Leake has the highest in-zone contact rate of any starter this year, throwing a ton of two-seamers in the zone to generate ground balls, rarely walking guys and making 30-plus starts in each of the past three seasons.