Standouts from recent Under Armour All-American Game

This year's Under Armour All-American Game at Wrigley Field took place three weeks earlier than normal, on Saturday, eliminating the competition for players with Perfect Game's own showcase even held at Petco in mid-August. As a result, the UA game had a strong cross-section of the top talent for the 2017 draft, with many players standing out in a rain-shortened seven-inning contest.

• The best high school prospect for the 2017 draft is Hunter Greene, who attends Notre Dame HS in Los Angeles, alma mater of Giancarlo Stanton. Greene would probably be a top-10 pick as a right-handed pitcher or as a shortstop, and showed off a little bit both ways in Saturday's game.

Greene has an inconsistent swing but big, raw power, finishing second in the pregame home run derby, and paired with his plus arm and good hands that make him a potential above-average defender at short, there's a big upside play on him as a position player. I'd be a little concerned about his size -- he's already 6-foot-4, 200 pounds -- and the fact that he's a below-average runner, but that's nitpicking because the option of putting him on the mound is so appealing.

Greene was 96-98 mph in his inning of work with a super loose arm and little effort. His delivery is too quick, so while he stays online, and threw strikes on Saturday, to remain a starter he's probably going to have to slow it down and get a consistent rhythm. But this kind of arm -- present plus velocity without substantial effort -- is rare. He threw a couple of below-average curveballs, working mostly fastball in the inning, and I think his arm slot and arm speed probably lend themselves better toward a slider anyway.