My early award winners, top contenders

Mike Trout might finally win the AL MVP award that eluded him the past two seasons. Dominic DiSaia for ESPN

With just five weeks left in the regular season, we're approaching peak silliness time, the point in the season when we start to hear narrative-based explanations for why players who weren't actually the best at their respective roles deserve more award consideration -- the voters doth protest too much, methinks, but sometimes these campaigns (for that's just what they are) work. An annual August tradition, I've broken down whom I would list if I had the major award ballots, assuming I had to file them today, along with thoughts on how each of them could change based on what happens in September.

These pseudo-ballots represent how I would vote right now on each award, not what I expect to happen, although I talk about any such differences in the commentary. I have the NL Rookie of the Year ballot, so I won't discuss that one, although at this point it's more of a battle of attrition -- the last guy not on the DL gets the award