Diagnosing Hosmer and Moustakas' woes

The Royals are off to a solid start despite the struggles of Moustakas and Hosmer. Jamie Squire/Getty Images

HOUSTON -- Eric Hosmer looked like a future MVP as recently as spring training of 2012, but since then his failure to develop as a hitter has been one of the more surprising developments on the prospect front, and it's a major reason why the Kansas City Royals haven't played up to expectations. I scouted his game on Wednesday to try and get a sense of what has gone wrong.

Hosmer, the third overall pick in the strong 2008 draft -- two picks ahead of someone named Buster, and I don't mean Bluth -- was below-replacement level last year and is on pace to be worth less than a win above it this year. The most likely reason I can see is in his hands.