Breaking down the Jake Peavy trade

Details of the trade

Boston Red Sox get: RHP Jake Peavy (from Chicago), RHP Brayan Villarreal (Detroit)

Detroit Tigers get: SS Jose Iglesias (Boston)

Chicago White Sox get: OF Avisail Garcia (Detroit), RHP Francelis Montas, RHP J.B. Wendelken, RHP Cleuluis Rondon (Boston)

The Red Sox get Peavy and Villarreal for a modest return, giving up a potential everyday shortstop and three long-shot minor leaguers, none of whom is likely to come back to bite them. Peavy is one of the league's top 10 starters or so when healthy, but he often isn't healthy -- 2012 is the only season in which he's topped 120 innings since 2008.