Astros-Rockies trade a real surprise

The Houston Astros-Colorado Rockies trade might be the one move of the crazy past 48 hours that truly came out of nowhere for me. I knew Dexter Fowler was available, but didn't think Houston was a suitor and thought the Rockies would get more for him.

Those preconceived notions didn't quite match the market reality, though. Instead, the Astros get something of an upside play for the short term, while the Rockies save money and get a back-end starter candidate who'll have to make a big adjustment to handle Coors Field.

For the Astros, trading for Fowler is a gamble on a player with star-caliber tools who has never taken that last developmental step to get to that level, instead settling in as merely a good everyday player who might be closer to average had he spent the past few years at sea level.