The 'misses' of the 2004 first round

The draft is a time of hope and promise, and after it's all over, a scout sits with his scouting staff and marvels over all the players the team just picked. Well, sometimes they don't work out as planned, as is the case for these 20 first-rounders who didn't make the top 30 in my redraft of the 2004 class. (Note: All WAR stats come from Baseball-Reference.com.)

Matt Bush, SS/RHP, No. 1 pick, San Diego Padres

Never played in majors

Bush couldn't hit, had a drinking problem, moved to the mound, blew out his elbow almost immediately, came back from the injury, kept drinking, changed organizations, threw well, and then was convicted on a DUI and hit-and-run incident that nearly killed a 72-year-old motorcyclist. Bush is currently incarcerated and his career is almost certainly over without having a single day in the majors.

Philip Humber, RHP, No. 3 overall pick

New York Mets

0.9 career WAR