July road trip tips off with LeBron Day 1

Editor's note: This is the first installment of Dave Telep's July Road Trip blog. Throughout the month, Dave will check in each day he's on the road while covering some of the biggest basketball recruiting events in the country. He'll let you know where he's at, offer some highlights of the day and give a quick look at what's next.

LAS VEGAS -- I’m a believer in good starts, and Saturday was the first day of a month-long journey in search of the perfect recruit. However, before arriving at the LeBron James Skills Academy, I had to spend the better part of the day delayed at the Salt Lake City airport.

Determined not to let flight delays set the tone for the entire month, I turned to Jason Statham’s “Redemption” to see if the flick could change my fortunes. Didn’t work; movie stunk. But luckily the airline eventually got us a working plane headed for Sin City and I was on my way.

Day 1 of the LeBron camp featured a pair of sessions, of which I attended one. It was really a day of drills and a light scrimmage to end the evening. The camp takes on a more serious tone Sunday when they split up the 80 campers and start keeping score.

Here are some nuggets from Day 1.