Five names to know in the new Class of 2019 ESPN 25 rankings

The players in the Class of 2019 have just completed their freshman seasons and are beginning to show plenty of potential and upside. The class has a nice mixture of big-time players at all positions, with enough elite guards and bigs who could make the class truly great.

Here are five players to watch in the newly released ESPN 25 player rankings.

R.J. Barrett

ESPN 25 ranking: 1

Barrett, a 6-foot-5, 185-pound combo wing, is a dynamic scorer who can score at all three levels. He is a monster in transition who can finish acrobatically and well above the rim. He has a solid midrange game and is a streaky shooter from distance. The lefty is definitely wired to score and is the most impactful offensive player in the class. The son of former St. John’s star Rowan Barrett, the younger Barrett has an ability to score at a great rate that separates him from others in his class and makes him special.

Charles Bassey

ESPN 25 ranking: 2

Bassey is a dynamic insider with developing skill. At 6-9, he is already very productive and sometimes dominant. The Nigerian-born Bassey is an accomplished scorer on the low block and is constantly improving his skills. The power forward is already a solid shooter up to 15 feet and is also skilled enough to rebound the ball and push the break. He is easily the best big in the class right now and his size, skill and athletic ability make him a special member of this class.

Onyeka Okongwu

ESPN 25 ranking: 5

Bassey might be the top big man, but Okongwu, a 6-9 center, is right behind him. He is not as powerful or athletic as Bassey but could be a little more skilled right now. Okongwu is developing a solid stroke to 17 feet.

Trendon Watford

ESPN 25 ranking: 3

Watford is a skilled wing who can play both forward positions. His versatility is part of what makes him special and unique and he can do a little of everything on the floor. Watford has scoring range to 20 feet and can put the ball on the floor some and create offense for himself and his teammates. His versatility, size and skill are what separate him from the others in his class.

Chol Marial

ESPN 25 ranking: 7

Marial is extremely unique. Not only is he super tall, at 7-2, but he can really move. When his team gets in transition Marial has the ability to run the floor and run with his guards. He is raw offensively but is an exceptional shot-blocker on defense. He can dominate games on the defensive end and is hard to stop in transition. He needs to add strength, but the Sudanese big man is a very impressive prospect already.