Yuri Wright made wrong call

Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Discretion can be even better.

I don't know exactly what four-star cornerback Yuri Wright said via Twitter that led to his expulsion. Frankly, I don't want to.

The content is just part of the story. The bigger issue lies underneath.

Social media has become an intriguing and sometimes scary aspect of recruiting. Prospects give updates and even announce commitments by themselves. No media needed.

Yet there is a danger there. I, and many of my colleagues, often use discretion when covering recruiting. After all, we're talking about minors.

If an NFL superstar wants to say something outrageous, that's one thing. That's simple; run the story. It's a little different when a 16-year-old says it.

The thing that's troubling about Wright's situation is whatever he said got him kicked out of school and has cost him opportunities in the form of college scholarships.

The lesson is clear. Neither Facebook nor Twitter is private and it never will be. Whether one allows someone to “friend” or “follow” them doesn't matter. Ever heard of copy and paste?

So for any prospect out there that is considering posting something that could possibly be scandalous, take a second, think about it and then realize the opportunities you could be costing yourself.

Discretion can be a hard lesson to learn.