Badgers official goes well for Matt Miller

It’s been close to two months since Matt Miller (Maumee, Ohio/St. John’s Jesuit) was at Wisconsin. Just a little bit has changed since then.

Miller took his official visit to Wisconsin this past weekend, his first time in Madison since Bret Bielema left for the head coaching position at Arkansas.

“Things were addressed about the situation this week. The coaches, they wanted to make sure we all felt comfortable with everything,” Miller said. “They reassured us about the people and things that made Wisconsin a great place.”

The three-star offensive guard has heard from Michigan State, Ohio State and a few other programs, but he remains committed with the Badgers. He said he committed to a program and not a coach.

“We didn’t commit to a coach. We committed to Wisconsin,” he said.

Miller and the visitors watched a bowl practice Saturday, which was orchestrated by athletic director and former coach Barry Alvarez. Although he is not the long-term solution, Alvarez has instilled confidence in the players he will find the right person for the job.

“Everyone knows who Coach Alvarez is and the type of guy he’s going to go after. He’s not going to go after guys not interested in the players. He’s going to get a guy whose first priority is the kids, because that’s what important to him,” Miller said. “He promised the program won’t take a step back.”

Nearly all of the Badgers’ commitments were on campus this weekend, and Miller said the consensus is they will remain with the Badgers unless they are given a reason to go elsewhere. The assistant coaches could not promise they would remain with Wisconsin as they wait to see if they will be retained, but as long as most the assistants stay, so will the commitments, Miller said.

That does not mean, however, that Miller knows he has to at least keep his mind open.

“Nothing’s changed for me as of right now. The way I see it, I’m still committed to Wisconsin,” Miller said. “Your mind does open up a little bit and obviously other schools come in and contact you and you think about it, but right now I’m still committed.”