Stanford still leads for Bradley

Trotwood-Madison junior Cam Burrows was ready to make a commitment with still close to 400 days to sign on the dotted line.

His senior teammate Bam Bradley, a three-star safety, has less than two weeks before signing day and is still considering adding another visit.

"I'm trying to see if I'll take this last [official] visit to either Michigan State or Arizona," he said. "I've already been to Michigan State before, so my mom was like 'you might need to go to Arizona, because you've never been to Tucson.' "

Bradley was in that state of Arizona earlier this month when he played in an all-star game in Phoenix on Jan. 3. He didn't get to Tucson and see Arizona's campus, but he liked his experience visiting the Southwest.

"Warm weather in the winter time," Bradley said is the best part. "You go into class and it isn't 5 degrees. Don't got to worry about going to class and being too cold. It’s nice down there."

There is no guarantee that Bradley makes that visit, and it might even be considered unlikely at this point, leaving a three-team race for Bradley, who expects to sign on Feb. 1 but could prolong it.

The top of the leaderboard for Bradley, who planned to commit at that Jan. 3 game originally, has remained the same. In order, Bradley is considering Stanford, Pittsburgh and Ohio State.

"They actually come more than pretty much anybody," Bradley said of the Stanford coaches. "They're here whenever they can be. They were here about two days ago, and said he'll be back next week some time. They make an effort to get here as much as they can.

"... That just means they really need me there and don't just want me. I got to go somewhere I'm needed and not just wanted. I'm going to work hard wherever I go but it's a plus to go somewhere they need you."