Montravius Adams OK with 3-4 setup

COLUMBUS, Ga. -- After defeating Columbus (Ga.) Pacelli 47-14 on Friday, ESPN 150 prospect Montravius Adams (Vienna, Ga./Dooly County) admitted that at the moment, he felt more comfortable in a 4-3 defense than a 3-4. Two programs in pursuit of Adams -- Alabama and Georgia -- run a 3-4 base defense, and another -- Florida -- also utilizes three-man defensive lines quite often. On Saturday, Adams was in Tuscaloosa, where the Crimson Tide staff made sure to showcase their plans to use him.

“Coach [Nick] Saban and Coach Rumph told me they want to use me like Marcell Dareus and keep me on the outside,” Adams said. “Seeing them play and thinking about that made me think more about the 3-4, because a lot of teams in the NFL use that. Alabama is still pretty high on my list. As long as I am able to make a lot of plays, it does not matter what scheme I play in.”

Adams arrived at Alabama at about 1 p.m. on Saturday and immediately went to speak with head coach Nick Saban in his office. He then spent some time with assistants Jeremy Pruitt and Chris Rumph, toured the campus and headed to Bryant-Denny Stadium to watch the Tide take on Mississippi State. During pregame warmups, something on the field caught the eye of Adams.

“One thing I had not noticed before is how the offensive and defensive linemen doing 1-on-1's before the game,” Adams said. “It gets them all fired up and I liked that. I was also able to spend more time getting to know the coaches and in the locker room with the players, and that is what stood out about the visit.”

Alabama handed Mississippi State its first loss 38-7, and it was easy for Adams to point out what stood out about the game.

“The Alabama defense,” Adams said.

The No. 11 prospect in the nation saw a defense that is considered one of the best in the country on Saturday. The other in-state program, Auburn, gave up 63 points to Texas A&M. Adams believes either situation could be a good one for him.

“Alabama always thinks they can improve, so they try to get the best players in the country,” Adams said. “I think I could come in and help them, and that is what they want me to do. Auburn is struggling, but that is still kind of a good thing because if I go to a team that is already winning, it is not like I did anything. But if I go to a team that is struggling and they start winning, it is like I really helped make a big change.”

Next up for the four-star defensive lineman is a trip to Georgia on Nov. 3 to watch the Bulldogs take on Ole Miss. Adams was not surprised to hear of Georgia's win over Florida.

“I want to let my momma see Georgia and find out everything she likes,” Adams said. “Georgia did to Florida what I thought they could do, which is play great defense.”

That visit will be followed by a trip to Clemson and then back to Alabama for the Iron Bowl against Auburn. The next month will be vital for each program for a very specific reason.

“These three programs are schools that I feel at home at. I know the coaches well and I could see myself at for the next four years,” Adams said. “My mom will be joining me for these trips and it is very important that my mom like the program. She is a big part of the process. She has taught me right from wrong, so I plan to listen to what she says about each place.”

Adams plans to set his official visits after his senior season, and plans to announce his commitment date in December. He plans to take official visits to places he has not seen before, such as LSU, Oregon and USC. While his mother will not be able to join him for these trips, that does not mean they will not have a chance with the coveted defensive lineman.

“If I like it there, then they will have a chance to impress my mom during the contact period,” Adams said.