Highlighting top specialists in 2015 class

With so much on the line, college coaches are putting more emphasis on recruiting big-time special-teams talent. They are not only looking for the big-time leg, but also players who are technically refined and conditioned to come into school and have an immediate impact on college football games.

Improvement in training at younger levels has helped in this transition. With that, the consistency and game readiness of the 2015 class, has turned a lot of heads. Improving schemes and trying to find any additional advantage are what top-level college programs are demanding. As a result, kickers and punters who kick higher and farther and long snappers who snap with superior velocity and accuracy are a real advantage.

The 2015 class is full of game-ready specialists who can step on campus and be called upon to contribute immediately, and 19 of the 25 committed 2015 specialists can both punt and place kick. These athletes not only have solid technique and great confidence, they also have some of the strongest legs in their recruiting class -- and even among college players.

Here are three from the 2015 class who could become instant-impact players from Day 1 at their respective colleges:

Notre Dame commit Justin Yoon: His field-goal refinement and consistency are tops in his class, and he is locked in when it comes to crunch time. Besides having comfortable 60-plus-yard range, he also has the lift and hang time (Yoon has hit in the 4.4-second range) on kickoffs that special-teams coaches covet. Game readiness and confidence in his ability are what separate Yoon from the rest of his class.

Oklahoma commit Austin Seibert: He is one of the most talented special-teams prospects in the last five years. He can routinely hit 80-plus-yard kickoffs and was filmed making a 66-yard field goal this summer with a mild breeze at his back. He was a big catch for OU, as he has the ability to hit 5.0-plus-second hang time on punts as well. He is the top-rated combo prospect in the class.

Miami commit Drew Galitz: This is another athlete who can legitimately compete at either kicker or punter when he arrives in Coral Gables. He is capable of hitting 4.2-plus-second hang time on kickoffs, has range well past 55 yards on field goals and can hit 5.0-plus-second punts. He is a refined ball-striker with great confidence in his technique and his ability.